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Can you resize a noren?

We can only resize some of the extra-wide shop noren. Most of the other "home-use" noren are not re-sizable because of the initial setting of the production line at the maker.

Can I have the noren hemmed by myself to fit my space?

Yes, the noren can be trimmed by some inches, but please be careful not to cut the design. And you need to sew the edges by yourself.

Is each tenugui folded in a plastic sleeve?

Yes, each tenugui hand towel is folded in a plastic sleeve for shipping. Large, small, or just one piece order, we fold each tenugui in a plastic sleeve for shipping as a courtesy.

Do you have a less expensive shipping method for tenugui?

We will ship up to 3 tenugui via registered airmail packet service, which is less expensive than our standard shipping method (Express Mailing Service). You can still track the airmail packet through Japan Post website. Please be advised that the arrival time may be longer. Please select "economy shipping option for tenugui" when you place an order.

Do you sell in wholesale? Do you have a catalogue?

We are an online retailer rather than a wholesaler. We don't have any kind of printed catalogs, and all of our products are listed on this website.

What is your minimum order requirement for discounted prices?

As we are a retailer (not a wholesaler), we don't have any minimum order requirement or discounted prices for dealers. If you place a large order, we will respond with your shipping cost saving.

What is the payment method?

You can pay with PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, and JCB credit card. (No other credit cards are acceptable through PayPal's guest payment screen invoked by our website.) All payments are processed through PayPal gateway, however you don't need to have a PayPal account when you pay with your credit card. You will be directed to PayPal's screen where you can use your credit card as a 'guest'.
For your information, you cannot bypass PayPal. We only have PayPal for getting funds from customers, and we don't have any direct mechanism from credit cards.

What is the payment currency?

The payment currency is Japanese Yen (JPY). However, PayPal will convert JPY to your currency automatically based on the fx-rate of the day and will charge on your PayPal deposit or credit card. (PayPal has its guideline of exchange rate. Please visit PayPal website for more detail.)

How do I know the total due in my currency before my payment?

First, please go to the currency converter in any shopping item's page and enter the total amount without decimal points. For example, if the total amount is 5,675JPY, please enter digits "5675" (with no decimal) into the currency converter and then select your currency. The converted value will give you an image in your currency. As for the real payment, PayPal or the credit card company will convert the JPY to your local currency and will charge on you. Often, the exchange rate should be approximately 4-5% differece (worse) to that displayed. Please contact your local PayPal office or the credit company for the currency exchange rate.

Can I pay in my currency?

Sorry to say, the payment currecny is in Japanese Yen only for customers both from Japan and from overseas.

To which countries do you ship?

Please see Payment and Delivery page on our website. We ship products to countries where we can ship items via Express Mail Service (EMS) and where our products are acceptable by the respective government and customs.

Any restricted countries for shipping?

We have some restrictions for shipping items via postal service to the following countries. These restrictions are listed at Japan Post Website, and these are the respective country's request.

  • Indonesia: Batik products from Japan prohibited.
  • Mexico: Items from Japan must be less than 1,000 Mexican Peso without the permission by "Secretariat du commerce"; Silk products prohibited.
  • South Korea: Textile products from Japan prohibited.
  • Vietnam: All products are subject to prior examination by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Ministere du commerce exterieur).
What is the shipping cost?

We kindly ask you the shipping cost for your order shipping. For the shipping cost, please visit Payment and Delivery page.

Any other cost besides shipping?

Orders shipped to international destinations may be subject to taxes levied by the respective government. Therefore, besides the shipping cost, please be advised that you need to pay the customs, import duty and VAT once the good reaches your country’s customs. Often, these duties are collected by the consignment upon delivery.

We must say that we don't have any information regarding these tax amounts, because they are totally under your country's political measures. Please conatct your local post office or the consignment about these duties.

How soon will my order be shipped? How fast will my package arrive?

We usually ship out your order on our next business day in Japan. Your parcel normally arrives within 4 to 12 working days (unless held at customs) via Express Mail Service.
We don't ship on weekends, public holidays and our special vacations which we will inform through the top page of our Web Site.

Do you have a tracking information for the shipping?

Yes, each delivery is equipped with a tracking information, and you can view the latest delivery status on your country's post office website. We will email you the tracking information when we ship your order.

Please tell me how to shop on this website.

Click “Add to Shopping Cart” button while shopping. After you put everything in your cart, click the “Continue to checkout” button followed by “Proceed Ordering” button. In the order sheet screen, please fill in all information including your email address and delivery destination. Here, your zip code (postal code), street address, apartment number and email address are very important for the correct shipping. Please be careful with typos. Please select “Overseas” in the state (prefecture) selection pull-down menu if your address or ship-to address is outside of Japan. (Sorry, this is a little confusing point of our system.) To proceed to checkout of your order, please select either PayPal or credit card.

How can I contact you?
  • By E-mail:
  • By Phone: +81(3)3424-5616 (10AM-6PM JST, Mon-Fri, except holidays)
  • Please acknowledge that we may not be at the office all the time and cannot pick up the phone. Sometimes, we are away from the office for meetings and errands.
Can I visit your store for shopping?

We do business online only and don't have a street stop for your visiting. Please shop online only.

What are your holidays?

We announce our special holidays through the top page of this website. We also announce at our blog when traveling a long distance or overseas on business.

What is the return policy?

If you have received item(s) that were damaged during delivery, please claim for a damage report both to your delivery consignment and to us urgently. Your item(s) are protected with a delivery insurance.

If we happen to receive the return parcel due to your absence or your refusal of receipt, we will refund after we subtract both the delivery fee actually charged by the Post Office and the cancel fee, if and only if the parcel is returned to us within 60 days after your payment. The cancel fee includes PayPal or credit card company's commission, packaging cost and relevant working fee. The cancel fee shall be 1.000 JPY for each order.We can never issue a refund 60 days after your payment when the parcel is not returned to us within this time limit (60 days).

For the dissatisfaction and /or mistake of your purchase, we are very much sorry that we cannot accept the return. Once the parcel is delivered overseas, it is very hard to send it back. If you are not sure about the item you are thinking to purchase, please make sure to inquire us about your worry and concern before shopping, because we are selling cross-cultural items. Color, texture, looking, finish of an item should be different from what you find in your native country and what you are in mind. When you use this WebSite, you are under the agreement stated in "Term of Use".
Please understand that we make every effort to explain the item with our best in English for your purchases at www.nipponcraft.com. Please also understand that shopping over the internet (especially from a foreign country) is different from shopping at a street shop with touching, feeling, checking items before purchasing. Thank you very much.

  • Custom order noren / We make your original shop noren.
  • Custom order tenugui / We make your original Kendo tenugui.
  • Custom order furoshiki / We make your design furoshiki.


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