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Daruma (17 1/2"W X 69"L)


Beautifully printed art hanging scroll called "Kakejiku" will accentuate your living room. Just hang this art scroll on the wall for interior decoration, or display it inside the entrance to welcome your guests. Kakejiku is easily changed to match the season or occasion.
Kakejiku is traditionally displayed in Japanese living room both for decoration and for good wish. The picture printed on Kakejiku is not only artistic but also auspicious.

The scroll is made of silk fabric and is eqipped with porcelain edges so that it can be rolled for storage. Dimensions are approximately 44.5 cm W X 175 cm L (17 1/2"W X 69"L). Two belts hanging from the top (as shown in the main photograph) are decoration.
The product is manufactured by a major Kakejiku company named "SANKOH, Co. Ltd." in Gifu Prefecture, and we stock directly from them to ensure the quality.

Shopping Information

  • A hanging wire is equipped on the top of the Kakejiku, although not pictured in the photographs. Please utilize the wire for hanging to your wall.
  • Real colors and texture may differ from what you see through website pictures. We try to be exact but there is a limitation of computer screen presentation.
  • We will store the Kakejiku in a cardboard box for shipping.

5,450 YEN
Daruma (17 1/2"W X 69"L)

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