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Sukiyabukuro - Red, Green patchwork


Design: Patchwork of elegant Kimono obi-belt textiles.
A simple one button pouch handcrafted from Nishijin-ori silk textile. A "Sukiyabukuro" is originally a small case for carrying items for Japanese tea ceremony. Suitable for carrying small items and looks outstanding at parties. All handmade, only one stock for each design.

Nishijin-ori history dated back in the 5th century, and the fabric has been widely used for kimono obi (belt). Nishijin-ori is elegant and beautiful as well as durable. Nowadays, Nishijin-ori fabrics are used for men's neckties and various interior & fashion items. The fabric of this pouch is woven by an authentic weaver (named Segawa textile) established in Kyoto over 100 years ago. The weaver's textile designs are inspired by the national treasures stored in Shoso-in storehouse at Todaiji-temple (UNESCO World Heritage) in Nara-city - these designs came from the Silk Road and Persian in acient times.
Please enjoy the elegant silk touch.

What's Sukiya-bukuro?

4,200 YEN
Sukiyabukuro - Red, Green patchwork

Number of Stock: 1 in stock

Product details
DimensionsApproximately 23cm X 14cm (9" X 5 1/2") X 1.3cm (1/2") thickness
Content100% silk
OriginKyoto, Japan
BrandKyoto Nishijin-Ori fabric
CarePlease remove dirts gently with a wet towel.
NoteSince handmade, no two are exactly alike.
Design: Patchwork of elegant Kimono obi-belt textiles.
Convenient for carrying cosmetics
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