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Custom Print Furoshiki for Company Event Gift, Designers

How about presenting furoshiki to your esteemed customers for your company event gift?
Our skilled artisans will make up your design furoshiki with the traditional method.
Please email us "support@nipponcraft.com" with your requirement for estimation.

We will custom-print your design on furoshiki. We recommend 100% cotton furoshiki for ECO & 3R points of view, but we still have polyester furoshiki. Typical furoshiki size is 70 cm X 70 cm, but 45 cm X 45 cm and 90 cm X 90 cm sizes are also available. The woven type of cotton furoshiki is the pongee style, typically we call Shan-Tang (シャンタン), which is durable enough for carrying items.
Please note that furoshiki production cost depends on the number of colors in your design, because we need one silkscreen for each color. So, we recommend you to use only one or two colors in your designing.

Order Condition

  • Minimum order QTY: 50 (90 cm X 90 cm size), 60 (70 cm X 70 cm size) for each pattern
  • No cancel after production run

Custom printed Furoshiki cost

The price of custom print furoshiki of cotton 70 m X 70 cm size can be calculated by:

Silkscreen: 23,000JPY X (Number of Colors) + Fabric & Printing: 1,200JPY X QTY

If stored in a wooden box, the additional cost is 500JPY for each.

Lead Time

Please allow 2 -3 weeks for the production.

Order Steps

Customs and VAT shall be paid by the customer.
Please your design in PDF or JPEG.
We will respond with an estimate.
If the order looks good, please pay through a PayPal link which we will email separately.
When we ship, we will let you know the tracking information.

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