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Custom Making Furoshiki for Designer's Business

We will create designer's furoshiki at the authentic production facility located in Kyoto City.
Our skilled artisans will make up your design furoshiki with the traditional method.
Please email us "support@nipponcraft.com" for estimation.

Our furoshiki is made with 100% cotton of "Shan-Tang" (シャンタン) or pongee weaving style, which is durable enough for carrying items like Webster's Dictionary. Other companies' furoshiki are often made of thinner fabric which is usually used for shirt, skirt, apron or pajamas.

Typical furoshiki size is 70 cm X 70 cm, but 45 cm X 45 cm and 90 cm X 90 cm sizes are also available.
Please note that furoshiki production cost depends on the number of colors and complexity of your design. We recommend you to use only one or two colors for furoshiki design in order to save cost.

For sports event etc, we propose to use custom furoshiki as gift wrapping or as event decor for the players. Also, designers can sell custom furoshiki for your business at gift shops and specialty stores that cater to customers interested in Japanese culture or sustainable products.

Order Condition

  • Minimum order QTY: 60pieces for 70cmX70cm, 50pieces for 90cmX90cm, 100pieces for 45cmX45cm (for each pattern)
  • No cancel after production run

Custom Furoshiki Cost

The cost per each depends on the QTY:

70 cm X 70 cm : 2,400JPY each X QTY60 = 144,000JPY (complex 1 color design or 2 colors)
70 cm X 70 cm : 1,500JPY each X QTY300 = 450,000JPY (complex 1 color design or 2 colors)

90 cm X 90 cm : 3,150JPY each X QTY50 = 157.500JPY (complex 1 color design or 2 colors)

45 cm X 45 cm : 1,400JPY each X QTY100 = 140,000JPY (complex 1 color design or 2 colors)

If stored in a wooden box, the additional cost is 550JPY for each.

Lead Time

Please allow 4 weeks for the production.

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