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Customs and Local Tax

This Web Site is located in Japan and your order will ship out from Japan. Please understand that you will become an importer when you buy goods from Japan. If you import or buy goods from abroad you may have to pay VAT or account for it. Please shop with your own risk.

There may be additional charges imposed by the customs of your country. You may need to pay your country's local tax and duty levied by your government to receive your parcel. In such a case, the delivery consignment of your country will collect these fees from you, plus handling fee to clear the customs. Once again, the customs and local tax are not included in the original payment on this Web Site. All tax calculation is up to your government and we have no information nor control from Japan.

For benefit of buyers from each country, we have found the following links and information so far:

Australia For goods that are worth equal to or under AUD1,000, there are no duties, taxes or charges to pay. Please check the links from Australian Department of Immigration and Boarder Protection: "Importing or buying from overseas" and "When buying over the internet"

UK Customs charges are applied to imports with a value over £15 for VAT. All items valued over £135 will attract import duty. Parcelforce may include the shipping and insurance fee to the value. Please check the link "VAT: imports, acquisitions and purchases from abroad" and "Tax and customs for goods sent from abroad".

Spain Please check the link "TARIFAS". Please kindly contact CORREOS before shopping if you are not sure about the tax and the cost.

Other EU Nations Please be advised that the postal service or the delivery consignment will surely collect your country's VAT and duty from the addressee upon delivery. For exmaple, CHRONOPOST (France) will collect the handling fee additionally from your side. We cannot anticipate these amounts from Japan. For more details, please contact your country's Post Office or the consignment.

Thailand: Especially, cotton and batik items are taxed.

Ship-To Countries

We ship an order to the following destinations via Express Mail Service EMS. EMS is the fastest priority mailing service by the international postal system. Each EMS package has a tracking number and is protected from loss and damage by a postal insurance.
Please refer to each country's note listed under the "Ship-To Destinations" table below regarding EMS delivery. We have collected these information on your behalf.

Note: We are allowed to ship our goods via postal service to the following countries and regions only by filling documents and invoice to the customs. In other countries such as Indonesia and Vietnum, we need to undergo prior examinations by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of respective countries, therefore it is difficult for us to ship goods to these countries.

Ship-To Destinations

ASIA/JAPAN Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan domestic
OCEANIA Australia, New Zealand
NORTH AMERICA USA, Canada, US APO/FPO AP (Note#4), US - Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, Saipan
SOUTH AMERICA Argentina, Brazil, Chile
MIDDLE EAST Bahrain, Israel, United Arab Emirates
EUROPE Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France (See Note#1 below) and French Polynesia (Note#2), Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy (Note#3), Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Roumania, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom

* Delivery to PO BOX via EMS is available for a recipient in USA, Canada, Australia and Singapore.

Note1 - France: Please inform your appartement digicode to CHRONOPOST for leaving a notice in case you are not available at home when the delivery is attempted. EMS is NOT handled by LA POSTE. Please reconfirm if you will be pleased with CHRONOPOST delivery service quality.

Note2 - French Polynesia: Only standard mailing service (par avion with registration) is available (No EMS to Thahitti). Therefore, the total package weight needs to be less than 2 kgs, and the postal insurance is limited within the value of 6.000JPY.

Note3 - Italia: You might need to inform your tax code (codice fiscale) to "Poste Italiane" before you receive your package.

Note4 - APO/FPO: We kindly ask you to pay 3,350 JPY (approximately US$32) for the minimum shipping cost. We will ship via International Parcel Service of to USPS, because the less expensive EMS is not available to APO/FPO. This is mentioned in "JP Post Shipping Service to APO/FPO". The estimatd arrival time to APO/FPO is longer than that to the US continent. No further USPS tracking update is available beyond US Customs, and afterwards APO/FPO Postal Service shall take care of the tracking and delivery.
When shipping to APO AP stationed in Japan, we will as well ship via International Parcel Service.
Please don't forget to fill your rank, full name, PSC, BOX and APO/FPO number in the order sheet to ship correctly. Please refer to USPS website "How to address your military or diplomatic shipment" .

Shipping Cost & Method (INTERNATIONAL)

The shipping cost is to be paid by a customer. The shipping cost includes packaging, postage including postal insurance, and our handling charge.(Note!: The customs and VAT (local tax) of your country are not included in the shipping cost. You may need to pay these additional costs before you receive your order. Once shipped, the shipping cost cannot not be returned by any reason.)

Please find the shipping cost for each region in the following table. We have the upper limit fee so to convey our gratitude when you shop many items. When you shop over 20.000JPY (approx. US$200), the shipping cost will not go up any more.
We can ship several pieces of tenugui hand towels or couple of small items by the minimum shipping cost. When we ship a valued hemp noren, porcelains or many items, we would like to request you the upper limit fee.

Note: Please acknowledge that Japan Post raised the baseline postage for EMS on Wednesday 1 June, 2016 (500-800JPY price increases). Accordingly, we have adjusted the postage in the table below. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

While placing an order, our computer system will calculate the shipping cost based on items number and largeness. You will see it on the screen before you proceed to your payment.

Shipping Cost Table (All currencies in JPY):

Range Postal System Zone
Singapore, HK, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand EU, UK Bahrain, UAE
Asia North America, Oceania Europe Middle East
MINIMUM 1,500 2,200 (Roughly US$20) 2,400 (Roughly 20EUR) 2,200
MAXIMUM 2,400 3,300 (Roughly US$30) 3,650 (Roughly 31EUR) 3,300

50JPY postal insurance will be added for over 20.000JPY shopping, and another 50JPY for more 20.000JPY shopping, and so on.

(Note: Once shipped, the actual shipping cost (postage collected by the post office plus packaging cost & handling charge) will never be reimbursed by any reason. For example, if a package is returned to us due to your absence by any reason, or your refusal of receiving a package, or your refusal of signing for, or your address information incorrectness, we cannot reimburse the actual shipping cost. The actual shipping cost can be higher than the money you pay in an order placement, because we only request minimal cost for shipping when you shop. The actual cost for shipping items with wrapping and packaging is different from the fees in the table above. Thank you very much for your understanding in advance.

Shipping Method, Estimted Arrival Time, Tracking

We ship your order via EMS (Express Mail Service), which is "PO to Addressee" international priority mailing service. Please sign for upon arrival. (If no one is available at home at a delivery attempt, a notice will be left.)
We have found this shipping option to be the most reasonably priced, efficient and secure.

  • The fastest priority international maling service by postal system
  • Damage, loss and miss contents insurance added (if your parcel was damaged or wet when it is delivered, please claim for a 'damage report' right away - the insurance will be applied.)
  • Tracking information frequently updated at JP Post EMS Tracking webpage

Based on our past experiences, the estimated arrival time to USA & Australia via EMS are 4-6 working days (however more days expected when the customs is busy), and 6-12 working days to EU. The estimated arrival time to UK and Spain seems longer (10-14 working days) because of Customs clearance. However, this is nothing we can guarantee, because the importing policy may change time to time in each country. The information here is for reference only.

OPTION FOR SHIPPING "TENUGUI" ECONOMICALLY: For shipping less than or equal to 3 pieces of "tenugui" hand towels, we have arranged a less expensive shipping method than EMS. If you wish this option, please choose the method while order placement. We will use a registered airmail packet service for shipping. You can track the item, and loss, damage & miss-contents insuarnce will be automatically added.

When we complete shipment, we will inform you the parcel's tracking number. Your parcel will be lodged from Setagaya post office in Tokyo, 154-8799.

Japan Domestic Shipping & Cost

When your shipping address is in Japan, please be advised that the Japanese sales tax (8%) will be added on the total price. The prices you will see on the payment screen will be 8% higher than the listed prices on the website. (We don't have a duty-free shop license for foreign visitors.)

For a Japan domestic shipping, we will deliver your order via "YUU-PACK"(ゆうパック), expedited mailing service by the Japan Post. (Note: Currently, we don't provide "Payment with COD" service via YUU-PACK.) YUU-PACK provides delivery service all through the year - on weekdays, on weekends and on public holidays. Furthermore, you can select the delivery time window from 9am-12pm, 12pm-2pm, 2pm-4pm, 4pm-6pm, and 8pm-9pm of the day you wish to receive your pakage. If you wish a particular delivery time zone, please give us an email after your ordering, then we will check the time zone on the YUU-PACK postal label.

YUU-PACK has delivery insurance, and also you will need to sign for the package upon delivery. If you are not available at home when a postman delivers the package, a notice will be left for re-delivery.

The shipping cost depends on the distance from our warehouse in Tokyo. For example; To Hokkaido:1,300 Yen, To Tohoku : 1,100 Yen, To Okinawa : 1,500 Yen, To Tokyo Metropolitan : 800 Yen. You will see the shipping cost during placing an order. The shipping cost includes YUU-PACK cost, insurance and packaging.

Payment Method, Currency & Term

You can pay with PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, and JCB. After the order placement, you will be directed to PayPal's screen where you can use your credit card as a 'guest'. All payments are securely processed through PayPal, and your credit card information will never be disclosed to us.
*: eCheck payment is not currently acceptable on our system.
We will ship your order the next business day (in Japan) when we your payment arrives to us. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Important Note: When making the payment, please update your PayPal's ship-to address. Especially, when you want us to ship your order to your friend, relative or family, please do not forget to update the PayPal's ship-to address. We are only allowed to ship an order to the address authorized by the customer per PayPal's shipping guideline, otherwise we will be mistaken as a fraudulent shop. Thank you very much for your cooperation in advance. -> If the PayPal's ship-to address does not match with that of your request in the order sheet, we may have to refund your deposit to your PayPal account and then cancel your order entry. In this case, the fixed cost of 40 JPY will not be refunded by PayPal.

When your fund arrives to us, you will receive a payment receipt both from PayPal and us. When you don't receive the receipt, please double-check the payment by contacting PayPal or credit card company. If your fund does not arrive to us within one day after your order placement, we take it as such that the credit card company didn't let you pay on our website. In that case, we are sorry to say that we shall remove your order placement from our computer system.

Payment Trouble Shooting and Workarounds
Note 1: If you encounter any payment trouble, please kindly contact PayPal of your country.
PayPal USA: 1-888-221-1161
PayPal Japan: 0120-271-888 (toll free)
Note 2: Please don't send your credit card information to us, because we have no way nor right to charge a payment on your credit card from our side. All we can do is to await your payment arrival from your side. Even in your repeating order, please make your payment each time when you place an order, because of this.

Payment currency:
All the prices in this website are listed by Japanese Yen (JPY) and the total due in the invoice will be displayed in JPY. However, when making a payment, PayPal or the credit company will convert JPY to your currency based on the exchange rate of the day, and the difference will be subtracted from your balance in your currency. This is just as shopping with your credit card when you travel to Japan or overseas. The currency converter placed in every shopping page will help you know each item's JPY conversion to your currency. However, we don't have a final converter for the total due (including shipping cost) when you checkout an order. Please contact PayPal or your credit card company for the final convertion rate. Or easily, if you input "JPY" in Google, the rate will be displayed.

Payment and Shipping Term:
We will ship out your order the next business day when we confirm your fund transfer. (If any shipping delay occurs, we will inform you via email right away.)
Please proceed the payment after you place an order. (If the order is not paid for, your shopping cart will be cleared automatically after a few hours of your order placement. ==> Please be advised that you cannot use the ordering system for saving your wish list, or for a future purchase intention and inquiry.)

You are protected by PayPal. PayPal will stand between us even when you have paid with your credit card. If a disaster like a huge earthquake or tsunami hit us in Japan, we became a victim, and lost our capability of processing your order and communicating with you, you would have a right to ask PayPal to investigate the status and to claim charge back within 45 days after your payment.

When Changing the Order

Sorry to say, you cannot change your order on this Web Site's system after an order placement. (Our computer system is not capable of updating an order list and payment screen once they are created.) If you wish to update (i.e. add, delete or replace) or cancel your order, please reply to support@nipponcraft.com with your order number and payment receipt right away, as we don't have much time before the shipment. Once shipped, we cannot do anything for you. When we receive your change or cancel request, we will cancel your order so that you can place your correct order from the beginning. In this case, we will reimburse your payment, but only 40JPY (approx. US$0.4) will not be returnable to your deposit because it is already charged by PayPal for using the payment computer system. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

Order Refusal

In case that your email address is invalid or that your customer/shipping information is incomplete, we may have to cancel your order. When we cancel your order, we will refund your payment to your deposit or credit card through PayPal. However, 40JPY (approx. US$0.4) is not returnable, because it is already charged by PayPal for using the payment computer system. Thank you very much for your understanding in advance.

Cancel and Return

If you find an item no good and want to return it, please email us for an instruction within 7 days after you receive the package. If the item is still new and safe, we will accept the return.
Please pay for the international shipping on your side when returning. When we receive the item all right, we will refund after subtracting the original shipping cost and the cancel cost (20% of the item cost or at least 1.000JPY). The original shipping cost means the fee that we have paid to the courier. The amount is often higher than the shipping cost table in the order sheet.
We would like to mention in prior that it is not so easy to send back an item internationally, because (1) The international shipping cost is usually expensive, (2) You will prepare some documents for customs declaration. Therefore, I recommend you to contact us before shopping if you have a concern. Colors, texture, looking, finish of an item are often different from what you find in your country. When you use this WebSite, you are under the agreement stated in "Term of Use".

If the courier ever returns the parcel to us due to the recipient's absence, or the recipient's receipt refusal (such as the recipient's unpaid tax), or the recipient's unknown address, we will ask you whether you want us to reship the package or to cancel the order. If you want the reshipment, please pay for the reshipping cost. If you want to cancel the order, we will refund after subtracting the actual shipping cost paid to the courier and plus the cancel cost (20% of the items' fee or at least 1,000 JPY). Please note that the actual shipping cost paid to the courier is often higher than the amount you pay for the shipping price when you place your order. The cancel cost includes the PayPal commission and our packaging cost.
We can keep your returned parcel as long as 120 days after your shopping date. Please give us your direction within 120 days. We can NEVER refund if you don't give us the direction within 90 days after your shopping date.
This policy applies to all items sold on this Web Site and Mail Orders.
(Note: Once shipped, the courier will not refund the shipping cost unless the courier loses the parcel.)

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