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About Nipponcraft

Welcome to www.nipponcraft.com! We are the online gift-shop located in Tokyo, and we provide Japanese traditional handmade-crafts to overseas customers. We have only a web-shop, and we don't hold a street shop in Japan. Also, we concentrate on only English-written web pages to pursue good presentations in English.

Our Vision

We help the worldwide customers add one more value & taste in their livings with our products. We bridge between Japanese craftsmanship and the worldwide people. We provide good products and good customer support. We create good platform for shopping Japanese crafts. We are helping people who love oriental tastes.

Our Directions

We strive to provide good customer support.

Good Products!
We always make sure that each product is met with our standards. We provide good products to international customers. We deal products that are representing Japanese traditional crafts. We are not dealing products that are made outside of Japan. Our products are not flimsy.
Accurate Information!
We take photos of each product by ourselves to check each specification from makers. Some online shops may reuse or scan photos provided by makers on their web sites, but we strive to provide more accurate information by taking the cost of shooting all photos by ourselves. Moreover, we strive to provide accurate dimensions of each product, accurate information of the origin, notice and care. We would like to eliminate any ambiguousness for the sake of international customers to avoid misunderstanding.
Updating Regularly!
We update tracking information of customers' packages. We will update the delivery status, and when we see any delay, we will investigate the status.
Reliable Shipment!
We pay attentions on international shipments. We will protect customers parcel from any anticipated damages and dews during an airplane flight. We deliver customers orders by Express Mail Service International because we believe that the service is the best regarding price performance, safety and reliability.
Acting Promptly!
We strive to be prompt on shipping and customer support. We keep our stock at our warehouse or nearby makers' warehouses to guarantee prompt shipments to overseas customers. We are not "drop shipping". We strive to answer customers questions promptly.
Being Helpful!
Although Japanese living cultures are quite different from those of foreign countries, we believe that many Japanese traditional items are still helpful for dressing up rooms of other countries. We would like to help customers find out and add one more taste to their livings. We hope that Japanese traditional crafts will be an option for your living!



Our Activities

We visited New York and attended "Japan Street Fairs" in 2011, 2012 & 2013. We communicated with many people directly to understand customers' thoughts, and we brought them back to our shop operation.

At Japan street fair event, New York

Origami lessons for New York kids

  • Custom order noren / We make your original shop noren.
  • Custom order tenugui / We make your original Kendo tenugui.
  • Custom order furoshiki / We make your design furoshiki.


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