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WELCOME to NipponCraft.com! いらっしゃいませ!

Arigato Gozaimasu. ありがとうございます。
If you are looking for Japanese oriental tastes, this may be a good place for you! We are the Tokyo based online gift shop and trading company of Japanese traditional crafts. We provide items such as "noren" curtains, "tenugui" towels, "furoshiki" wrapping cloth, "sensu" fans, sake display barrels. All items are handmade by skilled artisans and good quality!

We help designers produce:

  • - Custom noren for bars and restaurants
  • - Custom tenugui for Kendo Dojo (club)
  • - Custom furoshiki for sales
  • - Sake barrels for shop and bar interior decoration
Please email for inquiry.

Look for Japanese accents and enjoy shopping with us! Thank you very much!

Important notice for overseas buyers
Duties, taxes, and other fees not indicated in the total price may apply to international shipments (particularly, but not limited to EU/UK).
Items' prices are listed by Japanese Yen (JPY). PayPal or Credit Card company will exchange JPY into your currency when you pay.


Noren curtain 暖簾(のれん)

和柄(わがら:Japanese traditional design)の暖簾を取り扱ってます(we have)。 Dress up your room with the traditional design noren!

Tenugui towel 手ぬぐい

Many selections of beautiful designs. All hand-dyed by traditional method "Chu-sen". Recommended for home & kitchen, gift and Kendo headscarf.

Furoshiki cloth 風呂敷(ふろしき)

Many patterns of furoshiki wrapping cloths available for a gift or souvenior. Furoshiki wrapping can be a practice of 3R lifestyle.

Sens fans 扇子(せんす)

Variety of sensu handmade in Kyoto,JAPAN. Made of bamboo, and paper or silk.

"TARU" Sake Display Barrels

For Sushi bar & Japanese restaurant interior decoration, we have models of 18L, 36L and 72L capacity.

"MASU" Wood Cup (Sake Box)

Sake box made of 100% Japanese cypress. Available on order to deliver the freshness of cypress.

  • Custom order noren / We make your original shop noren.
  • Custom order tenugui / We make your original Kendo tenugui.
  • Custom order furoshiki / We make your design furoshiki.


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