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Black Leather Handbag with Kimono fabric

Beautifully handcrafted leather handbag with a silk Kimono obi-belt (gold pine trees and mountains design) fabric sewed in front. One-of-a-kind bag handmade by a craftsman named Shibata-san from Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture. His concept is to pair leather with Japanese traditional fabrics.
Dimensions are approximately 20 cm (7.9")(W) X 26 cm (10.2")(H) X 6 cm (2.4") (D), the handle is 20cm (7.9") high. One small card pocket on backside, one small pocket inside. The weight is 330g.

The word "Mingei" in this category comes from the meaning of crafts in people's daily livings. "Mingei" products are often tranquil, calm and not so fancy, but they pursue the convenience.

11,800 YEN
Black Leather Handbag with Kimono fabric

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