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SAME (Light Green) - NEW

A small pocket mirror covered by Nishijin-Ori silk fabric. It is approximately 4.5 cm X 7 cm. Nishijin-Ori is Kyoto's elegant and high quality fabric often used for women's Kimono obi belts.

Please be advised that the actual colors of the product may be darker than the colors you see through your computer screen. Thank you for your acknowledgement.

750 YEN
SAME (Light Green) - NEW

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Product description
DimensionsApproximately 4.5 cm X 7.0 cm (1 3/4" X 2 3/4")
MaterialSilk (Nishijin-Ori textile)
OriginKyoto, Japan
DesignTraditional pattern
CarePlease wipe gently with wet towel.
NoticeSince handmade, only one stock.

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