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Ukiyo-e (Kanbara Station in Snow) (Rayon Chirimen, 68 cm X 68 cm)

"Chirimen" (crape) furoshiki is a traditional textile product originated in Kyoto a long time ago. Rayon Chirimen furoshiki is beautiful and affordable for a souvenir. Chirimen is close to silk touch! Rayon furoshiki are more colorful than a cotton-made one, because rayon is easier to dye in many colors. All rayon chirimen furoshiki is a sequare of 68 cm (26.7").
Good for a gift, fashion and interior item.

Note: Please do not machine-wash rayon furoshiki, or it will be shrinked into half size! Dry cleaning recommended. Ironing with low-mid temperature. Also, please do not wrap a sharp corner item nor carry heavy items with a rayon furoshiki.

2,300 YEN
Ukiyo-e (Kanbara Station in Snow) (Rayon Chirimen, 68 cm X 68 cm)

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Product description
Dimensions68cm X 68cm (26 3/4" X 26 3/4")
Content100% Rayon
OriginKyoto, Japan
Woven StyleChirimen
CareDry cleaning recommended. Please never machine-wash.
More detail about furoshiki here.

Furoshiki colors are intermediate and not so vivid. The colors may be different from what you see in your nation. Enjoy the Kyoto traditional colors!
Kanbara is located along the coastline of Shizuoka Prefecture, where it rarely snows. Maybe a fantasy by the Ukiyo-e artist!
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