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Tenugui for Kendo training - Maru (Circle) 円相

A simple design tenugui suitable for Kendo practice. This is 100 cm long and good for a Kendo Men headscarf. Black color "Maru" (meaning circle) calligraphy writing on a pure white fabric. Nipponcraft's original design for overseas Kendo kenshi.

Notice 1: Every tenugui is folded in a plastic bag for shipping.

Notice 2: Based on your request, we will use a less expensive shipping method for single tenugui shipping. See more to select this shipping option. (Unless we receive your special request, we will ship out via EMS.)

Notice 3: About Kendo tenugui - if you are looking for an approximately 100 cm long Kendo Men (headscarf) tenugui, please check the dimensions listed below. Most of our tenugui are 90 cm long. 90 cm length tenugui would be still good for kids and ladies, but 100 cm length may be more suitable for adult men. All of our tenugui are created by "Chu-sen" dye (not pigment printing) method and they remove sweats very well, even if the design looks decorative.

650 YEN
Tenugui for Kendo training - Maru (Circle) 円相

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Product description
DimensionsApprox. 33cm X 100cm (13" X 39 3/8")
Content100% Cotton
OriginUtsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture
CarePlease dry in shade, don't bleach, wash with like colors, don't leave in water for a long time, or colors may fall.
NoticeBoth of the edges of shorter sides are not hemmed (have frayed edges). However, the fraying will end after several times washing.

About Miya-zome tenugui
"Miya-zome" is a brand name of tenugui produced in Utsunomiya City. "Miya" is taken from the last syllable of Utsunomiya (the capital city of Tochigi Prefecture), and "zome" means dyeing.
We deal Miya-zome tenugui from a family owned production facility established in 1905. Since that time, the tradition has been taken over by the family and stubborn artisans. The facility won an award for the excellent dyeing technique from the prefecture.

If you wish custom tenugui for your business, please ask request for quote through the enquiry form here.

For more about tenugui, please look at our article here.

Colors dyed on a tenugui tend to be intermediate, blur and not so vivid. Enjoy the old fashioned colors.
Texture close-up picture
  • Custom order noren / We make your original shop noren.
  • Custom order tenugui / We make your original Kendo tenugui.
  • Custom order furoshiki / We make your design furoshiki.


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