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Masu Cup w/ Shop Logo Stamping (30 pieces set)

  • Authentic "Masu" cup made of Japanese Cypress ("Hinoki" tree).
    We will stamp your bar/restaurant logo in front of each cup (just one of four sides of the cup). Please provide your logo in Illustrator format.

  • - Size: 8,2 cm X 8,2 cm X 5,7 cm (H) or liquid capacity: 180 mL (6,0 fl. oz)

  • - Please provide your logo design in Illustrator outlined format for stamping.

  • - Lead time: 10 business days

  • - Please order at least 30 pieces. For more pieces, please email us "support(at)nipponcraft.com for estimation.

Thank you very much!

800 YEN
Masu Cup w/ Shop Logo Stamping (30 pieces set)

Number of Stock: in stock

Comparing the size with a shot glass
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