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Design E (天寿) | 18L Model | Plastic | Empty Inside | For bar decor

Note: Due to the current world confusion, the postal EMS (Express Mail Service) is stopping to many countries. Therefore, we need to find out the shipping method and estimate the shipping each time. Please email us for inquiry. Thank you!

Mock-up "Sake" liquor barrel made of resin (polystyrene foam, polyethylene and polypropylene), empty inside. This item is produced for an interior decoration at a restaurant and shop.

Dimensions: approximately 40 cm (15.7") across, 44 cm (17.3") high
Weight: 2,30 kg (5.1 lbs)

This 18 L capacity model is suitable for exhibiting on a shelf space. You can also stack them up as shown in the photograph.

Manufactured by "Kishimoto Kichiji" Co., Ltd. in Hyogo Prefecture.
The company is one of the existing only! three sake barrel makers in Japan.
All the three makers are located in Hyogo Prefecture.

Order & Shipping Notes:
Every barrel will be hand-crafted by the maker on your order. (No warehouse stock at the maker.) Please allow approx. 10 working days for production on your payment.
Each barrel will be shipped separately in a special box and no other items can be stored or shipped together. Only one barrel in a shipping box.

If you wish to purchase multiple barrels, please email us for estimation and order.

We also have a very big 72 L capacity model for floor stand display of the same design.
The dimensions are 56 cm (22.0") across and 64 cm high (25.2"). The wight is 5 kg (11 lbs).
The price is 35.300 JPY for each.
Please email us for ordering the floor stand model. Thank you very much.

24,200 YEN
Design E (天寿) | 18L Model | Plastic | Empty Inside | For bar decor

Number of Stock: in stock

An authentic sake barrel for transporting the liquor from a brewery is made of Japanese cedar woods covered with woven straws for cushion. Each brewery labels its own design logo on a barrel to to be distinguishable from other brands.
(Most countries prohibit importing items with straws. Thus, we only sell mock-ups made of polymers.)

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  • Custom order tenugui / We make your original Kendo tenugui.
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