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Rabbits making Omochi (rice cakes) on the moon

"Chirimen" (crape) furoshiki is a traditional textile product originated in Kyoto a long time ago. Rayon Chirimen furoshiki is beautiful and affordable for a souvenir. Chirimen is close to silk touch! Rayon furoshiki are more colorful than a cotton-made one, because rayon is easier to dye in many colors. All rayon chirimen furoshiki is a sequare of 68 cm (26.7").
Good for a gift, fashion and interior item.

Note: Please do not machine-wash rayon furoshiki, or it will be shrinked into half size! Dry cleaning recommended. Ironing with low-mid temperature. Also, please do not wrap a sharp corner item nor carry heavy items with a rayon furoshiki.

2,300 YEN
Rabbits making Omochi (rice cakes) on the moon

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Product description
Dimensions68cm X 68cm (26 3/4" X 26 3/4")
Content100% Rayon
OriginKyoto, Japan
Woven StyleChirimen
CareDry cleaning recommended. Please never machine-wash.
More detail about furoshiki here.

Furoshiki colors are intermediate and not so vivid. The colors may be different from what you see in your nation. Enjoy the Kyoto traditional colors!
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