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Flower balls (100% Silk, 68 cm X 68 cm) =luxury silk furoshiki=

Luxury 100% silk furoshiki of elegant and soft touch.
The base color is intermediate light green.
This furoshiki is hand-woven "Tango Chirimen" (see below for details).

6,300 YEN
Flower balls (100% Silk, 68 cm X 68 cm) =luxury silk furoshiki=

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Product description
Dimensions68cm x 68cm (26 3/4" x 26 3/4")
Content100% silk
OriginTango(Kyoto), Japan
BrandTango Chirimen
  • Dry cleaning only
  • For pressing, attach cloth (such as a handkerchief) from the top, spray water, and iron very smooth and gentle with mid-heat.
NoticePlease avoid direct sunshine.
Tango Chirimen
Tango Chirimen is the textile woven in Tango region in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. The weaving technique has 270 years' history. Silk, polyester and rayon can be woven into Chirimen style. By the Chirimen technique, the horizontal strings are twisted 3,000 times per meter before being woven, which creates luster, soft and smooth touch with very small roughness on the surface (crape). Chirimen fabric is very beautiful as well as durable. Chirimen fabrics are used for Japanese traditional clothes and furoshiki.

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Furoshiki colors are intermediate and not so vivid. The colors may be different from what you see in your nation. Enjoy the Kyoto traditional colors!
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