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Sake cup (9 fl oz) - Japanese maxim

Black color sake cup with Japanese writing meaning "paying attention the sender's mind, rather than to the gift itself".

Dimensions: Approximately 6.5 cm Diameter, 13.0 cm Tall
Capacity: 260 mL (9 fl. oz.)
Weight: 250g
Handmade at Mino region, Gifu Prefecture

2,200 YEN
Sake cup (9 fl oz) - Japanese maxim

Number of Stock: 1 in stock

About Mino region - Mino, the south of Gifu prefecture, is rich of excellent clay for good porcelain production. Half of the porcelain tablewares used in Japan are produced in this region.
We ship these items wrapped in bubble wrap and hard cardboard box. Delivery insurance included.

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