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Macchawan (Kiyomizu-Yaki Tea Bowl) - Dark Brown =Wabisabi taste=

Traditional design of Kyoto Kiyomizu-Yaki tea bowl for Japanese Maccha tea. Maximum diameter: 11 cm, weight: 300 grams.

Kiyomizu-Yaki is a brand of potteries and porcelains produced in Kyoto. They have sophisticated taste.

Please have a look at Maccha guide here (2.1 MB PDF) denoting how to enjoy Maccha tea time.

5,900 YEN
Macchawan (Kiyomizu-Yaki Tea Bowl) - Dark Brown =Wabisabi taste=

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A three-piece set for making maccha - a whisk (chasen), bowl (chawan), and spoon (chashaku) are described in the guidebook.
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