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Kaishi (confectionery placing washi paper) =150 pieces=

Sets of washi paper (Kai-shi) for placing a confectionery for Maccha tea time. 5 sets of bunch, each holding 30 pieces, the total of 150 pieces of washi paper.

Please have a look at this Maccha guide here (2.1 MB PDF) showing how to use the Kai-shi.

From Wikipedia
The equipment required for the making of matcha are:

1. Tea bowl (茶碗, chawan) - large enough to whisk the fine powder tea around 120 millilitres (4.06 fl oz)
2. Tea whisk (茶筅, chasen) - a bamboo whisk with fine bristles to whisk or whip the tea foam
3. Tea spoon (茶杓, chashaku) - (also called tea scoop) a bamboo spoon to measure the powder tea into the tea bowl. Not the same as a Western teaspoon.
4. Tea caddy (棗, natsume) - container for the matcha powder tea

1,250 YEN
Kaishi (confectionery placing washi paper) =150 pieces=

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