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Shop design noren - Sushi Restaurant (Antique-style letters) =Brown= (69"W x 31 1/2"H(Deep)

This is a shop style extra-wide noren. An extra-wide noren is often displayed at an entrance of a restaurant and a shop for an advertisement. If you see such one in a town when you visit Japan and wish to take one for a souvenir, this noren is a good selection.

Noren Shopping Guidance

  • Please prepare a noren pole (curtain rod) on your side. We don't provide a pole long enough to hang this noren.
  • Please don't expose to sunshine long time, or the colors may fade away.
  • The colors in these photographs might look brighter through a computer LCD screen.

17,500 YEN
Shop design noren - Sushi Restaurant (Antique-style letters) =Brown= (69"W x 31 1/2"H(Deep)

Sorry, this item is currently out of stock.

Product description
ProductJapanese curtain noren
Dimensions175cm(W)X80cm(L) (69"W X 31 1/2"L)
Content100% Cotton
OriginChiba Prefecture
PrintJapanese traditional "Hon-zome" dyeing
CareWash gently with mild detergent
  • Please avoid direct sunshine.
  • A rod pocket of 1" diameter equipped on the top

This noren can be crafted to your shop dimensions as a custom-making order form here.

Also, if you wish to print your shop logo on a noren, please visit our custom-noren webpage here.

Characters read "sushi" in old Japanese writing format. Dyed with a traditional "Hon-zome" method on cotton, and good taste! Drown base color.
Please be advised that a noren is not quite a thick fabric, and sometimes it is see-through.
Disclaimer: These pictures are for your reference only. We cannot show 100% accurate looking, thickness, hardness and softness of the noren textile through pictures. Also, the texture is not always the same among the same material.
Enclosed type rod pocket sewed on the top of this noren. Please prepare a rod (curtain rail) on your side, as a rod long enough for this extra-wide noren is not available at our store. Thank you!
  • Custom order noren / We make your original shop noren.
  • Custom order tenugui / We make your original Kendo tenugui.


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