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Nishijin-ori Silk-made small Gamaguchi Wallet (Crane, Dull Pink)

Special Note: These photographs were taken by ourselves with a digital camera. Colors you are seeing through your computer screen may look brighter than the actual colors you will see under the sunlight. The actual colors are not primary colors, but are intermediate and mixed. We cannot show 100% accurate, complete fabric looking through computers and photographs. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

Beautiful, small & pretty wallet made from Kyoto Nishijin-ori silk fabric. Suitable for carrying coins and small items.

"Nishijin" is the north-west part of Kyoto city, and "ori" means fabric weaving. Nishijin-ori is very high quality silk fabric woven in this area of Kyoto. Nishijin-ori is elegant as well as durable. This traditional weaving technique dated back one thousand years ago, and Nishijin-ori has been traditionally used for women's Kimono belts. Nowadays, Nishijin-ori is utilized for men's neckties and various interior & fashion items. We hope you will enjoy the elegant touch.
The wallet is manufactured by Nishijin SEGAWA Textiles, Co. Ltd. The fabric motifs are inspired by the Asuka period (6 - 7th centuries) designs.

2,980 YEN
Nishijin-ori Silk-made small Gamaguchi Wallet (Crane, Dull Pink)

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Product details
Dimensions9cm(W) x 5cm(D) x 6cm(H) (3.5" X 2.0" X 2.4")
Content100% Silk & Metal fitting
OriginKyoto, Japan
BrandKyoto Nishijin-ori silk fabric
DesignTraditional Kyoto style
CarePlease wipe gently with wet towel.

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