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#8: Shingen-Bukuro =Sakura= (Pink)

Antique style small pouch (purse) called Shingen-Bukuro (信玄袋) or Gassai-Bukuro (合切袋) for carrying small items. The size is approximately 15.5 cm wide X 20 cm long.

Made of silk fabric woven by an authentic Nishijin-ori producer in Kyoto. Nishijin-ori originated in the 5th century, and they are widely used for kimono obi (belt). Nishijin-ori is elegant, beautiful, and yet tough. In these days, Nishijin-ori fabric is used for men's neckties and various interior & fashion items.

3,980 YEN
#8: Shingen-Bukuro =Sakura= (Pink)

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