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A Set of Tokkuri and Ochoko (a small matching cup) =Kikyo (Bellflower)=

Japanese Sake "tokkuri" serving bottle. Pour sake into the bottle and warm it in a microwave oven for 30 seconds, or warm it in a pot filled with hot water.
The bottle may be nice for a flower vase, too.
The bottle is approximately 13cm (5 in.) tall, and holds 200 mL (6.7 fl. oz) liquid.
Mino-yaki porcelain from Gifu Prefecture.
Please place the bottle on a placemat to avoid scratches on a table.

2,980 YEN
A Set of Tokkuri and Ochoko (a small matching cup) =Kikyo (Bellflower)=

Sorry, this item is currently out of stock.

Mino, the south region of Gifu Prefecture, is rich of the excellent clay for good porcelain production. Half of the porcelain tablewares used in Japan are produced in this region. We will ship poreclain item(s) wrapped in bubble wrap and hard cardboard box.

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