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Antique style "Boshu Uchiwa" flat fan - Momiji (Maple Leaves)

Dimension29 cm (11.4") wide X 40 cm (15.7") long
ContentPaper & Bamboo
OriginChiba Prefecture
  • For safe international shipping, we will ship the item with a cardboard box. So, please acknowledge the shipping cost even for a piece.
  • Please handle gently.
  • Do not wet the fan.

2,800 YEN
Antique style "Boshu Uchiwa" flat fan - Momiji (Maple Leaves)

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Also known as Boushu, the southern tip of Bouso peninsula in Chiba Prefecture is a hub of Uchiwa (Japanese traditional flat fan) production, with utilizing region’s native bamboos that have nice pliability for fan frames.

Boushu Uchiwa is a traditional beauty and it conveys an antique spirit of “Edo” (the origin of Tokyo). The fans are produced by the dexterous craftsmanship whose skill has been taken over from Edo period in the mid-1600s.

There are three major regions of Uchiwa production in Japan – Kyoto, Marugame in Kagawa Prefecture and Boushu. Boushu Uchiwa features the original texture and shape of the bamboo, offering more feeling of the nature.

Enjoy the simple and natural beauty succeeded since Edo period.

Since handmade, each item is one of a kind.

The fan was produced by "Ohtaya" in the region.

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